With respect for the future

Bredius will have a timber structure. We build with wood and implement renewable components to lower our impact on the environment and limit the inconvenience for the neighborhood. Because building with wood is cleaner and faster. Timber structures also lead to CO2 reductions, because we use less concrete. And did you know that the wood continues to store CO2, even after the trees are felled?

Energy efficient

Nature inclusive

Social cohesion

Shared mobility

Spaarndammerbuurt district

Comfort and cash

Buying a newly built apartment in Bredius is an excellent decision. All apartments will have at least an A+++ label. A+++ means that your home is energy efficient. Furthermore, the indoor climate is ideal. No drafts, cold or heat and no damp. Thanks to a smart building system and even smarter technology, everything is automatically regulated. By the way, the underfloor heating can also cool a few degrees in summer.

Financieel voordeel

Afhankelijk van het energielabel kunnen kopers sinds 1 januari 2024 extra geld lenen bovenop de maximale hypotheek. Met het energielabel A+++ van Bredius kunnen kopers nog eens € 30.000 extra lenen.

Good for nature

Bredius is sustainable, both in terms of energy consumption and materials. The ‘Green Room' at the heart of the building is an inviting space where residents and visitors can meet. The lush greenery is in perfect equilibrium with the urban backdrop. Nesting boxes, insect houses and other fauna amenities make Bredius an inviting environment for birds, bats, butterflies and bees. In the courtyard garden, on the roof and via the greenery on the facades, rainwater is collected and slowly drained away. In short, Bredius is rainproof and animal-friendly.


Buyers in Bredius can buy or rent a parking space in the parking garage under the building. We will also team up with a provider of electric shared cars, cargo bikes and city bikes. Ensuring you can easily use shared facilities close to home whenever the need arises.